• Constructing different projects to most ministries and Governorates in Iraq like; Buildings, Houses, Road net works, Irrigation projects, Dams, Storage Chillers, Bridges.
  • Deliver IT Solutions with End-To-End Data Security for Businesses and Governments.
  • Provide IT Consultants to Maintain Operation.
  • Supply and Transport Fuel Oil and Diesel Oil.
  • Supply Oil Fragments, Chemicals and Spare parts for Oil Industries & Refi neries.
  • Supply Plastic Hose and Pipes for different usage like: Irrigation, Civil works, Water & Sewage projects.
  • Manufacturing different Diameters of Hoses and Pipes for many purposes; such as irrigation water & Sewage projects, Building & Civil works.
  • Supply a lot of material and equipment: Steel Bar, Steel Net work for Hadeetha Dam, Ambulances, Damp Trucks and Diesel Generators.
  • Supply Food Stuff.
  • Supply Security Gates and other security Instruments for Ministry of Interior.
  • Supply and install High Voltage substation in AL-Anbar Governorate.
  • Rehabilitate High Transmission Line (132 KV) 30 km in AL-Anbar.

The Group offers extensive IT services, including but not limited to, hardware, software, off-the-shelf and custom applications. In addition, the Group delivers technical training, and provides consultants to assist with ongoing operations and delivery of projects.
The Group also builds complete network infrastructure and manages the construction as well as the delivery of data centers for large operations.
Most importantly, the Group offers turn-key solutions with comprehensive security protection to address business needs of private customers and governments while protecting sensitive data. Specialized professionals meet with customers and carefully understand the business requirements before proposing any solutions. Based on proven methodologies and best practices by reputable international companies, who specialize in their respective fields, solutions are deployed to the satisfactions of the customer.

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Off-the-shelf and custom applications
  • Technical training
  •  Systems Engineers (SEs) and professional consultants for maintaining operations and delivery of projects.
  • Cloud Computing Setup.
  • End to End Data Network and Security